About Us

Books are the true source of information and knowledge is meant to be shared. With these two creeds in mind, marketing-eficaz.net was created. We began the journey of this site to offer every information, big or small, about books that are available online.

With the advent of the internet came the being of electronic books or as we know them e-books. Millions of e-books are available on the net free of any cost. For a layperson, finding a book, on the topic they want and the subject they need, can get harrowing. We help people navigate the vast shores of the internet and offer guidance about online books.

We tell you which books and manuals are available for browsing which can be downloaded for free. We even tell you where to access the full text of books and magazines without any cost to you. Because not all the world’s resources are free, we even provide a guide for our readers on where to buy e-books online.

The length and breadth of topics we cover on this site are vast. They range from school books to books that help in building a career to even guides on software used in a business. When it comes to disseminating knowledge about tomes we do not have a bias. Another aspect through which we help our readers become better informed is by offering different formats of the same books. We help you understand which file format will be best for your PC, tablet or e-reader.