What are the best books on SMO?

A Book Called Ogilvy On Advertising - Placed On The Table.

In the present marketing scenario, knowledge is the most important asset for any company or knowledge. Knowing a particular subject thoroughly will offer a competitive benefit in a great way. So, it is important to gain sufficient and execute the latest strategies to enhance the company’s business. We have shared some of the best books that are useful for marketing.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing:

It is a classic marketing book created by Jack Trout and Al Ries. It was published in 1994. Through this book, you can learn the basic marketing fundamentals and mistakes to avoid in marketing. The book consists of topics like line extension, exclusivity, focus, perception, category, leadership, etc.

Principles of Marketing:

In the marketing world, Philip Kotler is one of the leading marketing gurus. In his book, Principles of Marketing, he has explained deep theories of the marketing cycle, building competitive advantage, understanding consumers, and basics of marketing. The best part is he has explained with live examples to explain various marketing strategies implemented in large corporate companies.

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Art of Social Media: Power Tips:

Guy Kawasaki has written this book. He is one of the experts in digital marketing and social media marketing. Through this book, you can how to create and share content, how to enhance your social media presence, tips to interact with people, and how to develop a brand identity. The author has shared real-time evidence of social media and internet marketing which will help in improving your brand image on social media.

Ogilvy on Advertising:

David Ogilvy has written this book. He is popularly appreciated as the father of modern marketing and advertising. It consists of ad copies that will offer a clear understanding of the concept he is trying to explain. He has covered topics like how to compose ads that sell, how to function an ad agency, how to get employment in the ad agency, how to obtain clients, the concept of tv and print ads and the significance of research in advertising. Moreover, you will also learn about the successful ad drives and creativity behind those ads.

Apart from this, there are a lot of SEO books that also touch about SMO. There are not many books specifically written for SMO. When you check the SEO books, you will learn side by side about SMO too. Socialmediaexaminer.com is an excellent website for learning SMO and other associated aspects. You can also get the latest updates and information about digital marketing on this website.

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