Why Do We Love To Read?

It has been estimated that on an average a person reads about 12 books in a year. However, when it comes to avid readers, the number of books he/she reads is more than the estimation. Some of the readers said that they read four books a year. There is sufficient variation among demographics. Some groups read less or more than others. We have prepared data about who reads books and the countries that read more number of books. Many books spend their leisure time by reading books. It is one of the best ways to develop knowledge and skills.

Affluent and educated women spend most of their free hours reading books

In the survey, it has been found that women read a lot more books than men. More than 77% of women in America read books while only 67% of men in America have time to read books. On average, women completed 14 books in a year, while men completed only 9 books. When compared among both genders, the readerships were high with income and education. Approximately 90% of college graduates complete one book in a year and only 34% of high school grads read a book in a year. People who earned more money spend more time reading books.

It is difficult to say income and education are reasons for this trend but people who are in college grow up reading a lot of books. Income associates with education. However, the conclusion is that high earning and educated women read numerous books in America.

Older people do not read many books

One of the important features of the data – people start to read less when they grow old. Only 69% of seniors spend time reading books whereas 80% of middle-aged people (18 to 29 years) report completing at least one book.

Americans read less than the other countries

On the whole, Americans occupy the last row when it comes to reading books. Does that mean they are too occupied posting on Twitter and Facebook and playing Candy crush? Maybe. Indians spend more than 10 hours reading books. Followed by Indians, Chinese and Thai top the list. They also spend more than 8 hours per week reading books.

CEOs are passionate readers

Some evidence proves that executives complete around four to five books in a year. If you are wondering whether they are reading business or motivational themed, it is wrong. CEOs read philosophy, plays, and novels.

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