The 5 Undeniable Benefits Of Reading Books

The body requires superfoods. The body needs exercise. Both of them keep the physical anatomy of a person hale and hearty. But the body has another crucial part – the brain. How does one give the brain a workout? What is the best food to feed it? The answer to both these questions is books. Books are the superfood and exercise regime the cerebrum needs to stay fit and healthy. Let’s take a look at the five advantages of reading books.

1. Reading keeps the mind stimulated unlike listening to songs or watching TV does. Because the brain remains active it also able to focus better on chores and tasks. With each new sentence, with each turn of the page and with each new book, the grey matter is forced to stay focused on the latest information provided and therefore keep it stimulated.

2. Reading builds a critical mind. Books open up a world of information to us. They help up question some preconceived notions we may have by educating us on topics and issues. The more knowledge we gain from books, the higher the critical capacity of the minds. Plus, the data can help us make smart and informed decisions even in times of pressure and last-minute choices.

3. Reading regularly has proven to keep the memory part of the brain fit. Research done on a group of 300 elder people, who reached the ripe old age of 89, showed that those who read have a slower decline in memory. By engaging the brain in mental activity, these people were able to decrease the speed at which memory loss happened when compared with those who did not read.

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4. It may sound cliched but reading books can help prevent depression and anxiety. Self-help books and motivation novels are known to activate the part of the brain that is connected to happiness. And depression tends to begin when a person feels helpless and hopeless. It is why reading inspirational stories, mantra and tales can boost the brain of a person and therefore stop depression from occurring.

5. While the first four advantages of reading have been about quantitative value addition, the last one is more qualitative. Reading is the best way to becoming a more interesting person. When you read, you imbibe a lot of new knowledge which can make conversations better which in turn makes you interesting. Well-read people are focused and intriguing. People listen when they begin to talk.

The joy of reading is the greatest in the world. It brings not only unadulterated happiness to a person but also many, many paybacks. Each time we read, we get to read the very thoughts of another individual. In other words, till the time we are immersed in a book, we are virtually another person who we have not met once in life. If for nothing else, then pick a book to know how the other half of the world thinks and goes about their daily life. It will give you a new perspective.

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