E-Books And Their Environmental Benefits

E-books have become very popular over the past two decades. High portability and easy accessibility are the two main reasons for their popularity. What most people are aware of is that e-books are greener to the environment than the paper or physical books. You must already aware of the fact that papers are made from trees. Our planet is earth is facing a huge level of deforestation and the governments are taking large measures to curb the deforestation. Various campaigns and initiatives have been adopted by various governmental agencies and environmental activist to promote leading a greener life.

It is the responsibility of every citizen to lead a greener life as much as possible to protect our planet for the future. Switching to the e-book is one great to promote a greener lifestyle. In this article, we will see how e-books benefit the environment.

Carbon Footprint

The concept of printing press came into existence around the middle of the 15th century, and they are still thriving today. Massive volumes of books are printed and sold in the market to meet the people’s demand. The biggest problem of the printing press is its volume of carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint is defined as the volume of greenhouse gases generated by an individual or group. Vehicles, factories, which emits of carbon-di-oxide have a significant carbon footprint on this planet. Printing industry has a long history of emitting lots of greenhouse gas as it is involved in felling lots of trees and emitting lots of carbon-di-oxide gas during the printing process.

On the other hand, creating e-books does not involve any of the processes, which are performed by the traditional printing industry. E-books do not require paper or inks or energy-consuming printing process, means there is no need to cut trees and hence our planet can be saved.

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It takes lots of energy and space to run a library. This is because the library houses vast quantities of paper books, which should be stored with lots of care. Lighting, ventilation, and fire safety are the three main aspects for safely running a library. The e-books are available at the online library, which does not require any physical space and hence there is less use of energy. You can browse the online library from anywhere using your Wi-Fi connected computer device.

Avoid Waste

Unlike paper books, e-books don’t become stained or look old. The e-book can look good and look fresh for many years to come. Old and damaged books have been occupying the land and burning them can be harmful to health. Though many companies are involved in recycling the old paper, such practice is not possible in all scenarios.

Possible paper waste can be avoided or minimized by promoting the habit of reading the e-books among the masses. E-books can remain for years and they do not affect our environment like paper books.

If you haven’t tried e-books before, we recommend you to give a try. You may buy an e-reader to enhance the reading experience. You can go through the Internet and online electronic stores to find some of the amazing e-readers at an incredible price range.

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