Knowing About The Common Book Genres

Books are the greatest treasure for people who love to read. There are lots of books available, and they are classified based on the genre. You can choose a book or narrow down the options by selecting a particular genre of your choice. You can select genres based on your interest and preferences. Some may read books on two or more genre based on their mood. It is up to the individual to choose the genre of the books. Here you would find the detailed explanation of the various book genres available. The in-depth knowledge of the different book genres would help to choose the right genre that suits people. This would be of great help for people who have just started with the reading habit.

Types Of Books

Books are generally classified as fiction and non-fiction books. Fiction books are ones that contain fantasy stories or content that cannot happen in real life. These books are written based on the imagination and creativity of the writers. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling is a famous fiction story that people around the world loved to read. Non-fiction books are based on specific facts, and it includes biographies, autobiographies, motivational books, etc. Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin, How to win friends and influence people by Dale are some of the non-fiction books.

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Fiction Genre Books Classification

There are lots of genres under the fiction category that you must be aware of when choosing a book.

Action And Adventure: You can find stories that are interesting in this genre. The stories mostly do not reflect ordinary life. People who are interested in physical action, adventure, etc can very well choose this genre. The stories of this genre move quickly, or they’re fast-paced.


Anthology: This includes poems, stories, plays, etc. Usually, they are a collection of works of different authors based on a particular theme.

Classic: This genre is highly popular as classic books create more significant influence. Some of the excellent books are taught in school. Certain classic books are accessible in a particular period. Romeo and Juliet is a romantic classic of William Shakespeare.

The other types of fiction books are listed below

  • Crime And Detective
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror
  • Humor
  • Romance
  • Satire
  • Suspense/ Thriller

Non-Fiction Genre Books Classification

The following are some of the genres under the non-fiction category

Biography/ Autobiography: It is a category of the book where the author narrates about his own life or another person’s life. Some of the popular books of this genre are Steve jobs, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, etc.
Essay: These are a literary composition which details about a particular topic. This type of genre books can be read when you wish to know about something new.

Periodicals: These are books which are published at regular intervals. This includes magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.

Motivational Books or Self Help Books: These are the books that help to develop personal skills and to solve personal problems. When you read these books, you would gain self-confidence. Some of the self-help books are Seven habits of highly effective people, How to win friends and influence people and lot more.

The other genres of non-fiction books are

  • Memoir
  • Textbooks
  • Poetry
  • Speech

The above write up would help to know about the different genres of books available.

9 Replies to “Knowing About The Common Book Genres”

  • Action and adventure stories represent a series or event that occur apart from the course of ordinary person’s life. It has mostly lot of physical action and dangers. Such adventure stories are interesting to read. It will move fast and the pace is significant.

  • Dramas are interesting stories usually written in prose or verse. It usually looks like a theatrical performance. In drama, you could see emotions and conflicts expressed in form of actions and dialogues. Some of the examples are The Crucible and Hamlet.

  • Wow! It is interesting to know about different types of books. I was not sure about the genre. Now, it is easy for me to select as per genre. I did not know that there are so many types of books available in the market.

  • Books are my best friends. I spend my free time by reading books. I have tried and read fantasy, horror and romance genres. Actually, these are my favorite. I keep searching and pick the best whenever I get free time.

  • Self-help books or motivational books helps in developing personal skills. It also helps in solving personal issues. When you read motivational books, you can get a lot of self-confidence. My favorite book is how to influence people and win friend.

  • Horror is an interesting genre. It has the talent to develop the feeling of tension, fear, repulsion, terror or fright while reading. If you really strong enough and enjoy horror stories, you need to try this genre. It creates horror and frightening atmosphere.

  • “Humor is actually excitement, fancy and fun. Humor fictions like Three Men in a Boat, Good Omens and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy is full of entertainment. It makes you to laugh as you read the book. It gives you a good feeling at the end.

  • Books are classified into different genres. Poetry and speech are completely different genres which most people do not give much attention. It depends upon your reading habits and time. Poetry helps in expressing the ideas and feelings in a different rhythm and style.

  • I love to read poems. I have also written several poems. I am much interested in non-fictional poetries. I ensure to add lot of facts and it is the reason my poems are interesting to read. The Odyssey is my all-time favorite pick.

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