Know about Different Types of Children’s Books

The children’s literature is classified into nonfiction and fiction books. It is mostly written for age groups 0 to 12 years. The literature for teenagers is slightly different. The children book is divided by the below genre.

Picture books:

These are entertaining books that offer visual experience. The books consist of stories. The stories are explained with clear pictures and illustrations. Some books have text or some do not have text. It is easy to see the pictures and understand the story. The book’s content is completely illustrated or explained with pictures. In some cases, the picture book would not have stories. It will be in form of pictures helping kids to learn alphabets, fruits, numbers, animals, etc. It is available in all sizes. The small sizes are very popular as it is easy for kids to open and read by themselves. It is also popularly referred to as handbooks.

Handbooks are perfect for young children as they do not know how to read. They would just follow the images and learn. It is a fun book to present for young children.

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Picture storybooks:

The books that have illustrations or pictures with the story remains as the plot. In this book, the illustrations and text remain important for developing the story. Children get attracted to seeing the pictures and easily remain attentive towards the book. There will also be text in the book. It will be in a simple and clear form. The picture story books are well written and remain enjoyable for kids. As they read the book, you would not know what is important – the text or the illustrations. The pictures sets the mood and brings the anxiousness in children. They will be keen to know what would happen next.

Traditional literature:

It includes stories that have been passing from one generation to another. It has slowly changed and popularly referred to as traditional literature. The best part of this kind of literature is the stories link the future and past. It has the original content and flavor that remains meaningful in various eras. If you are thinking to bring reading habits to your children, you need to start by traditional literature. There are hundreds of stories in this category.
The traditional literature is classified into myths, legends, fables, fairy tales,and folktales.

Historical fiction:

It involves stories written to convey information or portray a particular period about a historical event. Thehistorical fiction is used by the authors to develop drama and stories based on the lives of people. It is a powerful and helpful teaching tool better than non-fiction. It is developed particularly for children. They are also called as chapter books when it is divided into chapters for the young readers.

Modern fantasy:

They are imaginary stories that remain impressive for young readers. The storylines and elements are not true but the readers enjoy because of its creativity. The stories will have incidences where animals talk and other horror or supernatural elements. Some examples include Alice in Wonderland, Charlotte’s Web, the Chocolate Factory, etc.

9 Replies to “Know about Different Types of Children’s Books”

  • It is interesting to know that children’s books are available in various types. I thought that most of their books are same in format and style. But after reading the blog, it is clear how it is classified and how to pick the right books for them.

  • It is important to see the age mentioned on the book. Some authors mention the suitable age on top of the book. When you choose children’s book following the author’s instruction, you would definitely pick the right book. There is no chance for going wrong in any way.

  • I was planning to set home library for my kids. This guide is completely helpful. I am clear about what books to purchase and give them. My home library is actually small in size so I wanted to include only necessary books.

  • If you have enjoyed reading a book, it is nothing wrong to read it again and again. Some people have a thought that they should not read the books that they have already covered. It is good to introduce to kids if it is right for their age.

  • It is best to give books for your kids written by numerous authors. The characters and authors should be from the backgrounds apart from Western Europe. It is also recommended to give books that are challenging their limits. The content should fill their minds.

  • Picture books are all time favorite for my kids. The illustrations in the picture books helps them to get closer idea about various things. It comes in various niche. When you keep introducing more and more picture books, they get interest towards books and book reading habit.

  • Board books are usually given for young children. It is useful for toddlers and infants. Board books remain short in length. It is very strong and it can sustain wear and tear. It contains simple concepts and stories or alphabets.

  • Easy readers and chapter books are developed for young readers. It is the next stage of picture books. It comes in limited reading range. The story and illustrations are accompanied one another. It will give lot of information to the reader. The readers gets confidence through reading such books.

  • Nonfiction books is a popular genre not only for kids but also for adults. Certain nonfiction books has illustrations which would look almost equal like fiction picture books. The nonfiction books need special art work like maps, vehicles in cute forms.

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