What are the popular kinds of Children’s Books?

When you are planning to write a book and publish, you need to know about the type of books that can easily gain popularity. The publishing trend keeps changing. It is important to select a genre before starting to write a book. Children’s book is always popular in market. It is available in different kinds and each genre remains different. Good writers enjoy reading books. It is how they take the next step that is writing.

Understanding the differences of genre according to the age group

Before reading about the original genres, you have to know the differences in genres and about the popular genres as per age group. When you are thinking in terms of genre, you have to permit for several interpretations of that type in various age groups.

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  • Close to reality or reality
    Reality fiction is always popular among young adults and middle-grade novels. The entire famous fiction will have traces and stories of school life detailing difficulties with dating, abilities and skills and several other scenarios. Young adult children and mainstream middle-grade students read books that are close to reality. They would include and admire unusual characters or fantastic elements which remains different and unique.
  • Fantasy
    Fantasy can differ in form of sorcery and sword fantasies. It remains completely unusual from the regular novels. One of the best examples of the fantasy series is Harry Potter. It is popular all over the world because of the fantasy elements. It has also been converted as a movie due to its high popularity.
  • Science fiction
    The middle-aged students love to read science fiction. There are also certain adult novels which are based upon science fiction concepts. Some of the examples of science fiction books include the Divergent Series or the Hunger Games.
  • Humor
    Humor books are all time favorite for kids. It is written to make the kids laugh. It is used in several genres. Wimpy Kid Books remains as the best example for humor books. It comes with complicated storylines. It is possible for adults to read and enjoy humor book just like reading other books. The main aim of writing humor books is to make the reader laugh.
  • Mystery
    Some top examples and all-time favorite mystery novels are The Super-Secret Science Club and Nancy Drew. It involves solving mysteries in form of story. Several kids join to solve the mystery. It is how most mystery novels are created. It is written to make the reader experience the same journey, go through the clues and solve the mystery as the kids in the story do.
  • Participation books
    It is another famous kind of storybook. It is suitable for young children as they enjoy repeating the suggestions mentioned in the book like clapping hands, covering their eyes or touching toes. Lift the flap kind of books also helps in promoting interaction. Some examples of participation books are Clap your Hands and Spot goes to the Park.
  • Fables and folktales
    The stories in these books are used for oral storytelling. Most stories have a moral as a theme. It can be used by parents for the purpose of storytelling.

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