Awesome Books for Web Designers Which You Should Not Miss

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There are several methods to learn web designing and development. The learning methods differ from person to person. You can search and obtain information by Youtube, Google, mobile devices, blogs, apps and also books.

If you want to learn a concept in a brief and detailed manner, it is best to learn from books. I started to learn web designing and development from books. I feel that books are the best option to learn some of the important concepts to achieve a high level of proficiency.

Mr.Naveed, who has been with leading Web Designing Company in Chennai, for more than 10 years, recommends some of the best books related to web designing.

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1. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

Two pages of a book showing codes used in building websites.Most people expect to see quick results in fast time. They do not want to get affected by the subject’s technical aspect. If you have decided to learn and master web designing concepts, you have to remain thorough with this book. It is a book that will teach the basic web designing concepts and also cover essential techniques for developing websites. The subject is presented in an engaging way and it has a lot of visuals. The writing style is understandable and simple. You would not feel confused or discouraged while learning or reading the book. It is the first book you should cover as part of web designing course.

2. Learning Web Designing:

Once you are aware of basic concepts, you can start to learn from technology related books. Such books help to master important concepts. Learning Web Design book is helpful in terms of technical mastery and web designing comprehensiveness. This book has about 600 pages. It is a clearly written book. It gives complete solid information about the subject. The best part is it comes with exercises.

It is necessary to spend the time to do all the exercises mentioned. It helps in experimenting and testing your code knowledge. If you want to learn beyond CSS and HTML, and also about web graphics and JavaScript, this is the best book to read. It should not be your first book as it is not suitable for a person who does not have programming knowledge.

3. Don’t Make Me Think:

It is actually a bit old book that is released about 8 years back. The book has timeless concepts which you CSS Mastery Advanced Web Standards Solutions book in green colour.should definitely check to become a professional web designer. The book mentions about how to develop websites and also shows effective ways of developing websites for users. It is sure you would experience a lot of impressive moments as you read and learn from the book. It is definitely a worth to read the book.

4. CSS Mastery:

It is a book with a lot of practical information for handling web designing issues. It is a book that takes you to the next level of web designing. It provides a professional level of mastery on web designing.

To conclude, I would say that it is interesting to learn web designing concepts through books. Books provide experience and we train ourselves to become a designer or developer. It is possible to train others only if we are confident and highly experienced in that particular subject.

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