Three Benefits Of NCERT Books For NEET Preparation

NCERT Books For NEET Recommended By Best NEET coaching centres

Building a study plan and then sticking to it are two pillars to cracking any exam be it NEET or IAS or any other test. The third pillar to success is choosing the right study material. Without the right books, even the best of student can fail miserably. The market, at present, is chock full of options when it comes to preparing for NEET. It can become a daunting task for a newcomer to choose between the various options offered. Similarly, the debate between e-books and hard copies is never-ending.

We recommend you to read this article,, to get a better understanding of the value of e-books. For preparing for the entrance exam we recommend NCERT books just like the best NEET coaching centres in the nation do.

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Three reasons why the NCERT books are the best

• They focus on the very basic concepts that are taught in class eleven and twelve. A firm grasp of the underlying theory can make a world of a difference between passing and failing. To clear a tough exam like NEET, it is essential to be entirely clear on basic terminology and concepts. The NCERT books provide this tool to every student. Furthermore, they cover all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Believe when we say that passing NEET with flying colors becomes laughably simple when your basics are crystal clear.
• The language used in the NCERT books is straightforward to understand. Some of the outstanding books in the market fail to reach the mark because the language they use is too convoluted for the student to comprehend. The NCERT books make use of everyday words to explain and elucidate the toughest of concepts in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This makes it easy for the student to comprehend even the most technical aspects in the shortest of times.
• The final and what we consider as the most important reason to opt for NCERT books for NEET preparation is the exam questions. The actual NEET paper generally has a decent number of questions that are either directly picked from the NCERT books or are a slight variation of them. Most coaching centre has said that the numerical questionsNCERT Books vs Other Books in the NEET exam are very heavily influenced by the syllabus covered in NCERT exams.

NCERT Books vs Private School Textbooks

There are other books that cover the NEET syllabus effectively, but at present, the NCERT books are the only ones that encompass almost the entire syllabus. The books do a great job of elucidating the course in a perspective that is similar to the final exam. For any student who is serious about clearing the NEET test, thoroughly reading and revising the NCERT books is a must. The language they use, the diagrams and charts they have and the fundamentals they cover are unmatched to any other publication.
Every topper and teacher has recommended reading the book and then revising it to stay on top of the fundamentals – the most crucial key to passing NEET.

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