Top Management Books To Improve Your Management Skills

Management is an essential domain as it is gaining popularity in several areas. There is a great demand for people with excellent managerial skills. Thus students take up management courses in their college so that they can enter reputed organizations or companies. There are various traits that one must possess to become a successful manager. You have to be aware of specific strategies and tactics to succeed in your career.

Ms.Rajini, who heads the Quality Department at a leading POS Software Management Company, shared with us how she honed her managerial skills and also recommends the following management books for managers. She quoted – “Managers are great leaders! They need to build a team, motivate them, take decisions, and learning is a never ending process.”

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The books mentioned below would help to grow as a manager and hone your managerial skills.

Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion- Learn About Persuasive Communication

This book written by DR. Robert Cialdini is a top-selling management book. This book covers the fundamental concepts related to the art of persuasion. You would learn to make effective persuasive communication. It is an exciting book with some personal experiences and interviews with the author.

True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership-Be A Great Leader

This book by Bill George covers the leadership styles and the ways to hone one’s personality. The book helps to assess your true self and details about the leadership principles. The book would transform you to become a great leader.

Ignore Everybody: And 39 other Keys To Creativity- Unleash Your Creativity

This book is written by Hugh MacLeod. This book is an excellent treasure for managers to unlock their creativity. This book helps them to think out of the box so that they come up with some innovative ideas.
Don’t Bring Into Work-Transforms Your Work Space

This is a beautiful book which is highly recommended for people who are in high positions. It is a fascinating book which talks about office personalities and their behavior. The book would help to understand your work behavior and your patterns.

The Culture Code- Build Effective Team

This book talks about the importance of diverse culture in an office environment. The book guides people to work as a team irrespective of the cultural difference. The book written by Daniel Coyle shares the workplace culture of U. S Navy Seals and San Antonio Spurs.

Thinking In Bets- Helps In Decision Making

It is tough for managers to take decisions in critical situations. The book offers advice on dealing with critical situations with a cool head. It gives ideas and strategies to manage and make decisions in tough situations. The book was written by Annie Duke, a popular consultant of various companies. He talks about working with a calm mindset irrespective of the situation.

The Wisdom Of Failure-Learn From Mistakes

Successful managers mostly recommend this book written by Lawrence and Jim. The book rightly talks about the importance of learning from mistakes. Failures of the past teach you a lot for the future.

It is true that whatever position we reach and the role we are assigned learning never ends. Managers learn throughout their lives and continue to hone their skills in a regular. They have to explore things so that they can become great leaders. The above books mentioned above would be of great help for the learning process. The above management books would be a great value addition to your career and of course to your life. These books not only make you better managers but also improve the quality of your life.

9 Replies to “Top Management Books To Improve Your Management Skills”

  • I am pursuing my MBA degree. The books mentioned in this blog are quite interesting. I have started to read few books you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing an excellent blog. I was searching for management books and it serves as a best guide.

  • I always keep reading management books whenever I get time to uplift my career. Most management books are written by experts and there is lot of valuable information in each book. It has helped to shape my career in a better way.

  • As a manager, I feel reading management books are very helpful. It serves as an excellent guide. The leaders should be perfect and set as an example for others. It is hard to take decisions when you do not have knowledge. Books help me here in this part.

  • Recently, I read a book named Mindset- it serves as a Good Coach. It is a book that give you lot of information about how to become a coach. It is written on a broad mindset. It helps the reader as well as people around the readers to work to their full potential.

  • Leadership skills are most important to become a manager. Manager need to juggle and effectively handle various responsibilities smoothly. It involves leading the team, organizing, executing, delegating and much more. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 is my favorite book.

  • Thanks for sharing some interesting suggestions. I would definitely check these books. I am a passionate book reader and cover all the books that are associated to my career. It gives me lot of confidence and inner spirit to proceed further.

  • I always prefer reading management books via online. It is easy to access and download. The best part is I can take the book wherever I go as I save it in my cloud storage. Some of my favorite management books are On Becoming a Leader and Financial Intelligence.

  • There are several features to remain as an effective manager. However, you need to remain responsible when it comes to supervising and overseeing the activities and employees of the company. To obtain the best qualities of manager, management books are highly effective.

  • “One of my favorite management books is Swim with the sharks without being eaten alive. It is the largest selling handbook. The author is a millionaire and shows the path to success to help the readers reach the top position.

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