Top Recommended Books For UPSC Examinations

Three books of General Science, General Knowledge and General Studies for UPSC exam.

UPSC examinations are conducted every year for the civil services posts like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. Every year thousands of aspiring students appear for the exam. Cracking the UPSC exam in the first attempt is tough. Hard work and dedication is vital for the success in UPSC exams. The syllabus of the UPSC exams is vast, and this is the greatest challenge faced by the IAS aspirants. Thus it is essential to choose the right reference books for the Prelims and Mains of the UPSC exams. IAS officers and Top 10 IAS coaching centre in Chennai suggest the following books for IAS aspirants.

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UPSC Books For Prelims And Mains Preparation

Fifth edition of Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination by M. Laxmikanth.Indian Polity:

This book written by Laxmikanth is a popular book to know about Indian politics. The book details about the Indian constitution, schedules, amendments, etc. Politics is an important subject in UPSC exams. It is a simple book which can be easily understood. This book is available online.


This book by Shankar is the most referred book by the IAS aspirants. The book covers topics of environment and ecology. There are more questions asked in the environment and ecology topics in the prelims and mains exams. The other issues that are included are global warming, climate change, and other environmental problems.

Environment And Ecology:

This is an excellent book written by Rajagopalan. This is a must-read book for students appearing for the Prelims and Main exams. The book covers some of the current issues related to the environment like water scarcity, water pollution, and other environmental topics.

Struggle For Independence:

This historical book by Bipin Chandra talks about the struggle for independence. It gives a clear picture of theIndia's struggle for independence book with India map and flag and national leaders images on the book cover. freedom struggle movement. You can expect a lot of questions from this book for prelims and mains exam.

History Of Modern India:

This book mainly covers the social reform movement and freedom struggle of the 19th century. This book is a handy book for IAS aspirants.

Art and Culture:

Arts and culture topics are the most important and frequently asked topic in the Prelims and Mains exams. This book by Nitin Singhania covers the essential aspects of Indian culture. You would get to know about the significance of art in India.

Indian Economy By Ramesh Singh:

This is a Mcgraw Hill’s publication which covers the various sectors of the Indian economy. IAS aspirants should be clear with the economic principles and reforms of our country.

UPSC Reference Books

Check Out – The Important Questions For UPSC Prelims & following are some of the reference books that would be useful for IAS aspirants.

IAS Mains General Studies chapterwise solved papers 2016-1997 book cover in dark grey white and orange colour.IAS Solved Papers:

This is a valuable collection of solved papers of prelim examinations of various years. This book gives a clear idea about the type of questions asked in the preliminary IAS exams. It would be excellent support for students preparing for preliminary UPSC exam. Taking up mock tests with the question papers available in the above book can help to crack the prelim exam easily.

GS Manual For Paper 1:

This is an excellent guide book for students preparing for general studies. You can refer to this book when you have less time for preparation.

Manorama Year Book:

This book is a valuable source of general knowledge. You would get to know about the current affairs of the country and the entire world.

9 Replies to “Top Recommended Books For UPSC Examinations”

  • Thanks for sharing this helpful guide. I am preparing for UPSC examination and am confused about choosing books. This guide is really useful and gives me an idea about what books to purchase. I am also planning to get in touch with top UPSC coaching center so that I can get some suggestions and tips to clear the exam.

  • UPSC exam involved two papers- Prelims and Mains. Ensure to make use of IAS manuals, free online resources for both papers and previous year exam question papers. These are valuable when it comes to exam preparation. You can also ask toppers and aspirants about the books that are useful.

  • Apart from these books, you should definitely buy NCERT books set that is prepared exclusively for UPSC exam aspirants. If you want to cover current affairs, you need to purchase Manorama Yearbook, India Year Book, Clear IAS Current Affairs Monthly MCQs.

  • There are lot of valuable books easily available for UPSC preparation. It is important to select and read the right books as it helps you in getting the passing score. If you are selecting books that are not suitable for UPSC exam, you would find hard to complete the exam.

  • It is not an easy task to choose the books and prepare for UPSC exam. It is important to choose the books very carefully. Some people select books just because it is easy to read. You should choose books that are valuable and has all the information.

  • Some of the mostly read topics for IAS prelims are decision making and problem solving, data interpretation, basic and quantitative numeracy, analytical and logical reasoning ability, logical comprehension and current affairs. If you do not have enough time you can select small books instead of large books.

  • If you want to read IAS exam books in Hindi language, you can also check Flipkart or Amazon. Both the online stores have a complete list of useful UPSC books. It is simple to purchase online. If you know the exact name of books, you can easily order online.

  • Several website also provide free learning materials to help the UPSC exam aspirants. When you spend some time and research on the internet, you can easily get links of books to study. You can just download the books online and read.

  • I was working 24x 7 as police inspector for the last 3 years. I had very less time to prepare for IAS exams. The guidance on your website is very useful. It has helped me to clear the IAS prelims exam. I would say that it is the valuable website online.

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