Warren Buffet and Bill Gates vouch for these books for their success

Business Adventures - by John Brooks

They say a person is a sum of all the books he has read, the people he came across, and the places he has experienced. When asked about their stories, every successful person will have either of these to look back. So, your present books, people and places decide your future. If Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were asked what book influenced them, they would unanimously agree that it is the 1969 classic hit “Business Adventures” by John Brooks.

When meeting for the very first time, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet was Asked by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates for a book recommendation. And that is when Buffet introduced Brooks’ hit to Gates and is still on the best reads by these industry captains. They have ever since had a strong friendship, that goes beyond time and graphs.

A Prologue To The Adventures Of Business

The book enumerates 12 different stories of how companies evolved over a single moment in history. The stories are from the corporate America of the 20th century, dealing with areas that cater to every individual beyond the business genre, into people’s behaviours in adverse conditions and how to excel. The Decisions executives made in haste and the prices companies had to pay, are a lesson well learnt for any human dealing with the adventure called life.

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Lessons For Life From The Business Adventures

The story about Ford Edsel of 1958 is a characteristic example of how being stubborn to change leads to failures. The company had raised a poll to find out what people wanted but decided to go their way anyway. It was marked cleverly, a year ahead of the launch to keep people on their toes. When the product ultimately failed due to overseeing the quality control and disregarding customer interests, the company executives were not ready to accept their faults. They blamed it on the customers for sending the wrong vibes to car manufacturers! This crest in the market gave way to the Volkswagen Beetle, which became an instant hit among the users as it was designed around their requirements, correctly what a car manufacturer should do.

The Xerox company founder Joseph C. Wilson has been seen as a visionary ahead of his times in bringing up a positive work culture. Workplace aura is very particular in keeping employees on their productive and creative top forms. The positive work environment has been put into practice since the 1960s by Wilson and is a lesson to learn for valuing the work culture. A place where an employee feels safe, secure and worthy to work is where success and development thrives.

Take Home

The ‘Business Adventures” by John Brooks is a must read for anyone planning a course of personal or professional development. It has lessons that would guide in reaching your goal whether in career or in life as whole. To embrace change, and to grow with and into it; To learn from mistakes and make changes; to value everything you do and do it with passion and dedication; is the essence that the book imparts.

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