Best social media marketing books

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Social media is perhaps the fastest evolving technology that is keeping the tech-savvy generation on the hook. The development in this field is so fast that it is sometimes difficult to keep up the pace. Social media is increasingly becoming the preferred place for digital marketing. Whether you are an individual looking for a job, or a small non-profit company looking for donors or a large corporation, utilizing social media for promotion is the smartest way of marketing. Let us go through some of the best social media and brand marketing books that will make you an expert in this field.

Top five social media marketing books

500 social media marketing tips

Social media may be the best way to acquire some loyal customers, and the ideal medium to drive your brand awareness. But many businesses fail to garner enough attention with hardly any likes or comments. “Five hundred social media tips”, is the best guide that will help you to strategize success in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat and many more. The book teaches its readers the importance of a social media strategy for every business and the useful contents that can be shared on social media. The book also gives various tips regarding how to pin blogs to drive social media marketing efforts.

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Best for (Ch)artophiles: The power of visual storytelling

Human brains assess images faster than the written contents. No wonder the memes or trolls are more popular than the written contents in social media. Jessica Gioglio and Ekaterina Walter jointly wrote the book.The book explains different ways to grow your business and strengthen the brand with photos, videos, infographics, presentations and other media. Gather the tips for creating engaging picture contents with the help of this book.

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Best for working smarter: Jab, Jab. Jab, Right Hook

Gary Vanerchuk’s book shares the tricks of getting your message noticed on the social media landscape. According to him, the golden rule of winning customers on social media is the jab. Though not successful every time, the technique will take time to test and implement. The author himself is the most exceptional example of the method professed in the book. His successful marketing in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Uber and Venmo had turned his wine operations started at $4 million to a whopping $60 million. In the book, the author takes you through the steps needed by your company to get used to changing the social media landscape.

Best for Small Business Owners: The lead machine: Small business Guide

The book is an excellent read for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It teaches you the skills to bring people to your social media pages, increase your ranks in search engines, add subscribers to the mailing lists and convert the potential customers into loyal customers. This book takes you through four necessary stages: the building of your website, how to leverage people to that website, as well as how to analyze your Web traffic data. The book is perfect for entrepreneurs who have just started on social media.

Best for Social Media Managers: Content Mavericks: How to Grow Your Business

Andrew and Pete’s “Best for Social Media Managers” is a book that educates entrepreneurs a seven-step plan for creating social media content that they enjoy and can invite many hits. The book emphasizes the importance of having the perfect plan before writing good content or recording a video or podcast. The practical advice given in the book is a significant plus, why every business person must read this book

The list mentioned above of books is excellent reads for entrepreneurs who wish to expand their sales through effective utilization of Social media.

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