What are the best branding books?

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As books are the best source of inspiration and knowledge, we are delighted to share our choice of top branding books. We have covered books that focus on various subsections of branding like visual identity design, brand positioning or brand purpose and also strategic branding. Besides providing numerous practical guidelines, they also provide a solid knowledge of the basics of branding.

1. Michael Johnson’s Branding: In Five and a Half Steps

Written by the design expert- Michael Johnson, Branding: In Five and a Half Steps is a classic packed with informative analysis of the top branding all over the world. The writer covers the main parts of the adverts, iconic logos, rebrands and campaigns to brief the knowledge, execution, and effect with clinical accuracy. Michael is a remarkable writer whose desire is infectious. His book has a convincing narrative. Each page is sufficiently scattered with sensibly selected evidence.

2. Marty Neumeier’s Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design

Any person who is involved in this field knows well time is very limited. It is the reason this book is developed in a nice and crisp manner. It can be referred to as a quick and meaningful guide than just a book. This book consists of branding knowledge known and followed for decades. The information has been explained in a clever manner. The best part is you can complete the book within a few hours. It has been well organized for instant reference and also a helpful dictionary of branding terms. It lets you understand the tones between apparently interchangeable words.

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3. Marty Neumeier’s Zag: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands:

Most of us are fans and followers of Marty Neumeier. It is simple to go through this book as it is another edition in the whiteboard overview series. The book explains step by step about how to stand out. The author has covered all the essentials from determining your zag to distinguishing through design along with sufficient trademark charms of wisdom.

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4. Marco Spies: Branded Interactions: Creating the Digital Experience:

If you are a design geek or a person who works in digital, Branded Interactions: Creating the Digital Experience is an excellent resource. The brand is the compound of several elements. Digital knowledge is highly important than ever. In this book, the branding has been classified into five intuitive steps. They are identifying a demographic, finding the action plan, developing an interface, offering a quality creation and sharing the project to the market. Moreover, the book is also packed with a lot of illustrations. This way, you can see what works and how it works.

5. Jack Trout and Al Ries: Positioning: The Battle for your Mind:

This book- Positioning: The Battle for your Mind is almost twenty years old and it is still popular among branding experts and professionals. It has sufficient content associated with the present trends and marketing scenarios. It has been written in simple English. It provides tips about how to make yourself stand in the minds of the public, determining your weaknesses and strengths, and also the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. It also shares ways to communicate to take a strong position in the market.

6. Roger L. Martin and A.G. Lafley: Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works:

If you are looking for tips from top professionals like A.G. Lafley ( CEO of Procter and Gamble) and Roger L. Martin ( strategic advisor of A.G. Lafley), you need to read Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works. In this book, they have explained about the sales and profits of P &G’s and What they did to increase their market value. If your business or brand is stuck in halfway and thinking about how to step further, you should read this book surely.

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